Tap Into Your Feminine Power and Feed Your Wild Mercy

We all have it within us to tap into our mystic feminine power and wisdom.   Wild Mercy (Starr, 2019) is one of those books that you put down several times to stop and ponder the multitude of richness and meaning within each word, sentence, and even period. This book was written by Mirabai Starr […]

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In Her Own Words Book Club: Getting to a Million with Julia Pimsleur

In Million Dollar Women: The Essential Guide for Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big, Julia Pimsleur is that friend who pushes you to be the very best you can be. The book follows Pimsleur’s own entrepreneurial story. It heavily focuses on Little Pim’s conception, mistakes, and milestones – including reaching the million dollar mark. […]

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In Her Own Words Book Club: Leaning in a Different Direction with Elissa Shevinsky

  Lean In was integral in sparking a conversation that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but left unspoken. The Lean In movement was born out of the brave words of Sheryl Sandberg, and grew from the willingness of countless other women to take action and also share their stories. This is where Lean […]

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In Her Own Words Book Club: Jumping the Line with Reshma Saujani

  Waiting has always seemed like one of life’s necessary evils. It is a demanding process, and like life’s most difficult tests it calls for patience and perseverance. The length of waiting can vary, but it always has a tendency to feel endless. Waiting is bearable only in its promise of reward. At the end […]

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