STEM Panel: Inspiring Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Lean In Canada invites you to get to know the women who are at the forefront of STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. When it comes to the sciences, women tend to choose professions more focused on life sciences and social sciences, so there is a wide gender gap in fields such as computer […]

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Event Roundup: Take Charge of Your Career

This sold out event at the Spoke Club generated thoughts, ideas and comments about what it means to take charge of your career as a woman. What strategies do women use to advance, negotiate and secure roles? Senior director of Catalyst, Vandana Juneja, explored with us through data and research what women can do to […]

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Event Roundup: Make This Your Year

“This is MY year!” was fervently declared by every attendee following a prompt from speaker Karlyn Percil.   The energy at the Spoke Club was powerful. The whole room was bursting with positive energy for our first event of the year – Make This Your Year: What Can You Do Better in 2017? Speakers took […]

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Event Roundup: #MenLeanIn

Thank you to everyone who attended our #MenLeanIn event. The event sold out in under a week- we’re proud to say this is a new record for Lean In Canada! The event kicked off with a fantastic surprise for those in attendance;  Lean In Canada was proud to receive a personalized video greeting from Prime […]

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Event Roundup: Entrepreneurship Panel

Thank you to everyone who attended our sold out ‘Entrepreneurship Panel: Enterprising Women in Powerful Positions’ event, it was a success! Seeing as October was Small Business Month, it was only fitting to have an event that focussed on female entrepreneurs. Our fierce moderator, Emily Mills, led the conversation for the evening and was joined […]

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