Dress with Finesse

How to take your professional and personal wardrobe from zero to sixty Ever look at your wardrobe and think to yourself “I need a change and I’m bored of wearing the same things day in and day out”, or more simply “I need help”? There are pieces that you have had since the dawn of […]

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Spotlight on PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) LLP – Women in Leadership (WiL) – GTA Cohort Experience

Understanding how women’s leadership programs in the workplace can help personal and professional advancement   Seek and speak your truth. This is different. That was my first thought when I got to chapter six of the holy grail of women’s empowerment books “Lean In” written by Sheryl Sandberg. I perked up at the thought I […]

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5 ways to lean into networking with Lean In Circles

Networking is fun – no, really!   Remember your first day at a new school? Cue sweaty palms and a racing heartbeat. While I outgrew the corduroy overalls, I still get the shakes when I am placed in a new social setting. Networking can sometimes feel overwhelming and questions like, “Are they easy to talk […]

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Member Spotlight – Carrie Gurza

Tell us a bit about what you do, and what do you enjoy most about it? I work as a Senior Associate in the commercial real estate investment arm of a pension plan in Toronto. I started out running spreadsheets and crunching numbers to help support +$50 million real estate investment decisions just over six […]

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How to Effectively Speak Up and Speak Out

“Use your voice”. “Say something”. “Stand up”. #MeToo. #TimesUp. #Covfefe.   We’ve been given the words. The twittersphere and media giants have handed them to us on a silver platter. We know what to say and most of us have the tools to use our voices, but how do we say what we mean and […]

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