Let’s Grab a Coffee – Strategies to Move Ahead

It wasn’t too long ago that I was a university grad trying to look for my first ‘real’ job. Time and time again, professionals would tell me to network but, being a coddled millennial, I knew that my skills and experience could land me my dream job. Fast forward four jobs later and I can […]

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men lean in

How Men Can Lean In

In an age where the media has been consumed with stories of sexual harassment, it’s clear that men (specifically in more senior roles) need to do better. But…how do you cultivate a workplace that promotes and celebrates women as well as making it a safe and inclusive space for them?   You would be hard […]

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STEM Panel: Inspiring Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Lean In Canada invites you to get to know the women who are at the forefront of STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. When it comes to the sciences, women tend to choose professions more focused on life sciences and social sciences, so there is a wide gender gap in fields such as computer […]

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emily murphy

Canadian Women Who Leaned In

This summer, Canada celebrated 150 years of being the true north strong and free. Canada’s history is filled with strong figures who helped lead the way in many fields for the past 150 years, and preceding that as well. So, Lean In Canada wanted to highlight the history of some of those strong Canadian women […]

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leain in

Get Yourself Out There – Leaning In After Graduation

You’ve completed your walk across the stage, received your diploma, and posed for the obligatory photos. Now what? Good grades may have gotten you this far, but for the first time in 14+ years, what you do next with your life isn’t dependent on what mark you got in your last final. Instead, you’ll be […]

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