Marta Awad

To Wait for a Promotion or Find a New Job? That is THE Question

January’s theme for Lean In Canada was ‘Strategies for Getting Ahead’. There are two common strategies that are usually driven by the need for growth or for attaining a higher salary. Getting a promotion or getting new job are these reasons. But how long should you wait for that big shiny promotion? Or if you’re […]

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Lean In Canada & Dress for Success Toronto

As we all embark on a new year, we’re reflecting on the past and setting goals for the months to come. In order to put our best foot forward, we want to feel empowered both mentally and physically, and feel that how we present ourselves reflects all that we want to achieve. Dress for Success […]

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Goal Getting: Strategies to Move Ahead

Signed up for a new gym membership? Check. Eating clean? Trying. Get a new gig? I can’t even start to think about that. Saving more? Well I just bought another two sweaters that I don’t need – and its only February. New year means new you, right? A new year is a great moment to […]

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Let’s Grab a Coffee – Strategies to Move Ahead

It wasn’t too long ago that I was a university grad trying to look for my first ‘real’ job. Time and time again, professionals would tell me to network but, being a coddled millennial, I knew that my skills and experience could land me my dream job. Fast forward four jobs later and I can […]

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men lean in

How Men Can Lean In

In an age where the media has been consumed with stories of sexual harassment, it’s clear that men (specifically in more senior roles) need to do better. But…how do you cultivate a workplace that promotes and celebrates women as well as making it a safe and inclusive space for them?   You would be hard […]

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