“Because it’s 2015:” a new federal cabinet with equal gender representation

Widely quoted yesterday was our newly sworn-in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s succinct response when asked why appointing a gender-balanced cabinet was important to him. “Because it’s 2015,” he replied, to the delight of many. And so it was, as promised – a federal cabinet of 15 women, 15 men, and Trudeau himself. Leadership sets the […]

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Women in Parliament – Federal Election 2015

Last night millions of Canadians were glued to the coverage of our 42nd election results as they rolled in. With the highest voter turnout since 1993 and hundreds of thousands of tweets bearing the #elxn42 hashtag, we breathlessly awaited news of the future of the leadership of our country. And as a Liberal majority swept […]

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A Woman’s Place is Not Up For Debate

With the federal election quickly drawing near, we attended Up For Debate‘s Interview Launch event on September 21st, featuring interviews with four of the five federal party leaders. What was this event about? Well, the last debate we had on “women’s issues” was in 1984 – over two decades ago. And in that time, not […]

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