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Event Roundup: Breaking Invisible Rules of Business That Trip Women Up

Lean In Canada’s Toronto chapter celebrated yet another sold out event at the Spoke Club for May’s “Breaking Invisible Rules of Business That Trip Women Up.” The event featured speakers Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk who challenged audience members to shake things up in order to move farther in their careers. The talk was based […]

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Event Roundup: Women in Politics

In February, the Lean In Canada community filled the Arts Gallery of Ontario and trended on Twitter Canada with our event: An Evening with Katie Telford, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This sold-out event was Lean In Canada’s largest yet.   The atmosphere in the room was exhilarating as Katie Telford […]

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The Round-Up: Vague Feedback is Holding You Back, New Mutual Fund Invests in Women, These Ladies are Killing It in Non-Traditional Careers

After a sold-out April event and three-year anniversary, we’re ready to announce our next event, which will be on May 31st! Get your tickets and make sure your personal brand is business-ready. Here’s the recent news you need to know: — The Harvard Business Review found that vague feedback is part of the reason for […]

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The Round-Up: Emojis Go #LikeAGirl, Restaurant Dress Codes Reviewed, 100 Years Until Pay Equity

It’s March, which not only means International Women’s Day is coming up soon (March 8th, if it’s not on your calendar already) but we’ve also got a brand new Lean In Canada event coming up! Save the Date for March 29th — can’t wait to see you there! Here’s what’s making headlines this week: — Have […]

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The Round-Up: Ghomeshi On Trial, Pay Equity is Real, Canada’s Top Scientist

It’s a Thursday that feels like a Wednesday, and that can’t be a bad thing. We hope you’re having an amazing (and productive) short week. If you’re already making plans for next, we hope you’ll join us at our next Lean In Canada panel on (the very timely subject of) workplace harassment. Get your tickets […]

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