Tap Into Your Feminine Power and Feed Your Wild Mercy

We all have it within us to tap into our mystic feminine power and wisdom.   Wild Mercy (Starr, 2019) is one of those books that you put down several times to stop and ponder the multitude of richness and meaning within each word, sentence, and even period. This book was written by Mirabai Starr […]

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Anti-Racism Resources for Canadians

For the black women in our community, we know the past several weeks have been filled with stressful, painful, and traumatic experiences. For many white and non-black people of colour, the past few weeks have been eye-opening, showing many of us that we have much to learn.   To support this journey, we have compiled […]

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Bettering Yourself through Health and Wellness Practices

Your health and wellness matters – it’s not mumbo jumbo, it’s a real thing! Stop. Breathe in, breath out. The phrase “Health is Wealth” has always been a fan favorite. If you stop for a moment to peel back the layers and dig a little deeper, there is an abundance of insight and value in […]

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Empowering Women Virtually is a Real Thing – WNORTH Leads the Way

Adapting your community outreach to a digital platform is a must nowadays. If I were a fly on the wall to my own chat with Heather Odendaal (CEO and Founder of the WNORTH Conference), I would have a chuckle. See the picture right above this post? That is Heather and me (the author of this […]

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New Decade, New Professional You – 4 Tips to Make it Count

Get ahead of the professional game with these four tips. We’re halfway through January and we want to help you stay on track with your goals.The holidays are over and you have probably had your fill of pecan pie, butter tarts, all the meats, gravy, and potatoes. I mean, lots of potatoes! You had red […]

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