Nicolle White Announced as Toronto Chapter President

Toronto, get ready for Nicolle! Lean In Canada is excited to announce Toronto’s Lean In Chapter President, Nicolle White.   Nicolle joins Lean In Canada as Toronto’s first regional chapter president, and the organization’s second regional chapter president, after Flo Leung, chapter president for Lean In Canada’s Vancouver chapter.  Her arrival to Lean In Canada […]

How to Effectively Speak Up and Speak Out

“Use your voice”. “Say something”. “Stand up”. #MeToo. #TimesUp. #Covfefe.   We’ve been given the words. The twittersphere and media giants have handed them to us on a silver platter. We know what to say and most of us have the tools to use our voices, but how do we say what we mean and […]

Member/Attendee Spotlight – Sam Laliberte

Tell us a bit about what you do, and what do you enjoy most about it? I’m Sam! I host and produce a podcast series and online community for women who’ve left traditional work to pursue the Freedom Lifestyle. I’m currently self-employed as a freelancer and love the flexibility that comes with it. Working from […]

To Wait for a Promotion or Find a New Job? That is THE Question

January’s theme for Lean In Canada was ‘Strategies for Getting Ahead’. There are two common strategies that are usually driven by the need for growth or for attaining a higher salary. Getting a promotion or getting new job are these reasons. But how long should you wait for that big shiny promotion? Or if you’re […]

Lean In Canada & Dress for Success Toronto

As we all embark on a new year, we’re reflecting on the past and setting goals for the months to come. In order to put our best foot forward, we want to feel empowered both mentally and physically, and feel that how we present ourselves reflects all that we want to achieve. Dress for Success […]