Lean In Canada’s focus is on empowering women in their careers, with the goal of creating an equal world. But, we know that women can’t do it alone. Men play a critical role in gender equality, and when they lean in for equality, they win – and so does everyone else.  


We’re bringing together a panel of men who know the importance of women’s empowerment and are champions of equality within both their work and personal lives. These men not only challenge gender bias, but have made it part of their mandate to ensure women are supported, mentored, and provided the same opportunities as their male counterparts. 


Join us on Monday, November 18th at Arcadian Court for a deep and candid conversation, where we’ll discuss everything from mentorship, career advancement, bias (unconscious or otherwise), and how men can and should be part of the conversation.


We encourage you to invite your male colleagues, friends, and family to join us and show their support. We all need to #leanintogether to create gender equality!



Farah Nasser – Global TV anchor



Rahul Bhardwaj – President & CEO, Institute of Corporate Directors 

Declan Brady – Senior Vice President, Field Services, Bell Canada

Martin Langlois – Partner, Stikeman Elliott


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