TORONTO: Women in STEM: Success and Growth in Male-Dominated Industries

Date: October 2018

Venue: tba

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Women represent only a quarter of all full-time positions in STEM, and women who obtain a degree in STEM are disproportionately placed into lower-paying technical roles.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The number of women obtaining bachelor’s degrees in engineering has barely increased in over a decade, and women graduating from computer science programs has decreased since the 1990’s.

So what can we do to empower women to pursue STEM careers? To grow and succeed in these male-dominated industries? And to support each other through the process?

We’ve invited a stellar panel of successful women in STEM to share their stories, offer advice for navigating your career, discuss how women can support each other, and highlight the importance of women in STEM fields.




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