Lessons From the Front Line

Lean In Canada’s Vancouver Chapter welcomes 3 superstar female entrepreneurs to their Women In Entrepreneurship panel on September 19th. Entrepreneurship is much more than simply having an idea, with 90% of the work in implementation. The panel discussion aims to share the stories of struggles, wins, and obstacles each entrepreneur experienced as they built their business over the years. Our goal is to discuss the topics below and more.


  • A business’ success depends on its people – how do you recruit and retain top talent?
  • How do you assess a new business opportunity? How do you assess when to give up on an idea?
  • How do you set business goals while maintaining strategic flexibility?


This panel discussion will have applicable tips for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs on how to improve and continue to grow your business.




We are super excited to have a diverse panel representing different industries this year:


  1. Lee Brighton. Founder and CEO, Virtro Entertainment Inc. and Argotian
  2. Patrice Mousseau. Owner, Satya Organic Eczema Relief
  3. Sonia Strobel. Co-founder and CEO at Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery

Together, we are stronger.


Join us for tasty appies and a glass of wine and engage with the growing Lean In community. Remember to use the hashtags below to spread the Lean In love!

#LeanInTogether #LeanInCanada #WomenEmpoweringWomen


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