Lean In Canada Initiatives

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VANCOUVER:  Navigating Change – Careers in Transition

January 23, 2020

RBC Tower

VANCOUVER: Navigating Change – Careers in Transition

The average person will change careers 5-7 times during their working life according to career change statistics. It’s never easy ...

VANCOUVER:  Roundtable – Estate Planning and Litigation Tips and Traps

February 13, 2020

Harper Grey LLP

VANCOUVER: Roundtable – Estate Planning and Litigation Tips and Traps

Lean In Canada’s Vancouver Chapter welcomes Sandra Abley and Erin Hatch to discuss estate planning and litigation tips and common traps ...

Lean In Circles

P&G Circles, Cincinnati

Women in Circles are more confident.

Whether you’re working toward a promotion, re-entering the workforce, or starting a business, a Lean In Circle will help you get there.

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The Lean In Canada Mentorship Program is the first of its kind. Mentees, if selected, will have the opportunity to connect, in a one-to-one setting with established, successful female leaders.

In addition to six (6) one-hour private sessions with a mentor, matched by skill set and professional ambitions – mentees will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive private workshops designed specifically for Lean In Canada to help identify and develop strengths and professional skills.

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