About Our Chapter

Established in 2017, the Vancouver Chapter dedicates itself to empowering women to take action. We provide support and opportunities for our members to connect through our lunch and learn roundtables, evening workshops, seminars and speaker panels, monthly email newsletters and our Lean In Circle Managers assisting companies to set up their own internal Lean In Circles. We also proactively engage with other women’s organizations in Vancouver to amplify our efforts together to empower women. If you are part of a women’s cause and would like to work together please reach out to us!

Upcoming Events

VANCOUVER:  Roundtable – Alternative Paths to Motherhood

October 23, 2019

Cisco Office

VANCOUVER: Roundtable – Alternative Paths to Motherhood

Lean In Canada’s Vancouver Chapter welcomes Angela Baldonero, Chief of Staff at Cisco to lead a discussion on her decision to become a ...

"Lean In Canada has provided me with an amazing opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences in a great venue."

- Ami Patel

Team Vancouver

Join our organizing committee today - vancouver@leanincanada.com for volunteer opportunities.

Florence Leung

Chapter President

Joanne Seto

Marketing Lead

Jennifer Caldwell

Finance Lead

Filza Qureshi

Membership Lead

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