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Quick! You just confirmed a meeting tomorrow and you’re choosing where it’s taking place. Where are you going? If tumbling weeds with a side of cricket chirps just crossed through your mind, not to worry. We’ve got you covered. Check out these divine venues to host your next meeting in Toronto.


Best for food sensitivities – Sorrelle and Co

Marie Antoniette said it best, “Let them eat cake!”  At Sorrelle and Co., the menu is designed to offer those with food sensitivities and intolerances delicious options. This Yorkville cafe is inspired by a mom whose five daughters each suffered from a different food intolerance (Sorelle means sister in Italian). The entire menu is gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, nut-free and preservative-free so there’s no guessing required. Plus, this cafe is exceptionally elegant. 


Best for an #Insta-worthy experience – Café Cancan 

If you’re one for romantic aesthetics and all things whimsical, head to this French bistro in the Harbord Village. This adorable French cafe was designed by local designer, Tiffany Pratt. The pink and blue hues scream good vibes and will have you singing, “Oui, oui! It’s a deal, cherie!” Word on the street is the gnocchi with wild mushrooms is top-tier.


Best value – Café Pamenar

Not in the mood to spend $193 on a latte? Head on over to no-fuss, no-frills Café Pemenar for a decently-priced coffee in trendy Kensington Market. Whether you prefer an intense, bold roast or a smoother, creamier taste, the custom coffee blends offer a unique experience for different flavour profiles. If the weather is right, head outside to the lush patio filled with beautiful greenery and soak in those rays. And for the night owls; Cafe Pamenar turns into a bar in the evening and is open late. Heads up; the cafe accepts cash or debit only.


Check out Sorrelle and Co, Café Cancan and Café Pamenar for your next Lean In Circle session or networking meeting. Snapping a pic of your meeting? Share your pics with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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