The April Syllabus: Leaning in through Media - Lean in Canada

The Syllabus is comprised of books, movies, podcasts, and articles loved by the Lean In Canada team. We want to make it easier to engage with media that grants complexity to women, that is focused on broader representation, and that brings us closer to gender equality.

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How to access police documents connected to your sexual-assault complaint | The Globe and Mail

Robyn Doolittle’s Unfounded series is a tremendous (and terrifying) achievement. Her investigation revealed deep flaws in police handling of sexual assault allegations, and has prompted a call to action from the federal government.

Women can no longer be forced to wear high heels in B.C. workplaces | CBC

Staff in British Columbia will no longer be required to wear high heels in the workplace thanks to amendments made to the Workers Compensation Act. No more bloody feet at work!

Young People Get Trans Rights. It’s Adults Who Don’t | The New York Times

In a heartfelt reaction to the Trump administration’s decision to override transgender students’ access to restrooms that correspond with their gender identity, Janet Mock writes her about experiences as a young trans student.



Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Celebrate National Poetry Month with Canadian poet, Rupi Kaur. In this collection, she reveals her heart to us through her exploration of love, loss, and healing.



Toni Erdmann

You’ll laugh till you cry watching this German gem. Toni Erdmann explores the very unconventional relationship between a father and daughter that is strangely relatable.



Colour Code

This Globe and Mail podcast addresses Canada’s biggest elephant in the room: race. Denise Balkisoon and Hannah Sung ask bold questions about how race is navigated (and often times ignored) in Canada.

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