Attendee Spotlight: Breanne Podebry - Lean in Canada

Tell us a bit about what you do, and what do you enjoy most about it?

I am a personal trainer with Fitness on the Go.  We are a Canada wide mobile training service bringing fitness to your home, office, local park or virtually any space you want.  Fitness on the Go prides itself on not only helping clients achieve their fitness goals but helping to boost confidence levels, increasing productivity either at work or at home and being a support system for clients in any situation.

What I enjoy the most about being a trainer with Fitness on the Go is seeing all the small successes that happen during my time together with my clients.  Something as simple as “I have added in an extra serving of vegetables on a regular basis” or “I just did 10 sit ups!”  These small moments add up to the overall success of each client.

How does your workplace promote an inclusive environment?

Fitness on the Go does a wonderful job of promoting an inclusive environment!  From the President of the company through to the General Managers of each area, we promote one another’s successes on a regular basis.  We encourage business development and growth with each trainer as everyone is their own boss.  We are set up for success the moment we join.

I also feel Fitness on the Go is an excellent example of inclusiveness when it comes to our clients.  A gym is not for everyone.  We all have our own battle and story to tell.  Being a mobile fitness company we can provide help for clients who might not feel comfortable training in a group environment.  Being able to go to someone’s home or office provides a unique solution to achieving your fitness goals.

What attracted you to Lean In Canada?

I was introduced to Lean In Canada from another Fitness on the Go trainer, Moshe Shwartz.  I then did some research on the group and found a lot of similarities in my personal views and those shared by Lean In.  As a young, female professional I find it important to be challenged, to be held accountable, to work hard, to surround yourself with people who will help build you up and inspire you.  These are all things I have found at the Lean In events I have attended thus far.

What was one thing that most resonated with you today (at our last event)?

The last Lean In event I attended was with Katie Telford at the AGO.  What resonated with me the most was her answer to an attendee’s question.  The question was, How do you balance home and work?  Her answer was quite simple, You don’t.  It’s a constant shift of balance.  Sometimes work outweighs home and sometimes vice versa.  As a trainer I find clients really struggle to find personal time, work often taking the lead.  Finding a few hours through the week for exercise will help you manage stress, increase productivity and help you feel more energetic overall.  Life is busy, give yourself the tools to help sustain those long, busy days.

If you were to recommend Lean In Canada to anyone, what would you say?

I have recommended Lean In Canadato a few people since attending my first meeting.  I think it’s a great space for women to come together and support likeminded people.  There is a lot of inspiration throughout the room or with guest speakers.  I feel it helps light the fire for what’s next in your career or life.

How are you leaning in?

To me leaning in is finding opportunities, setting goals and getting things done.  I am constantly looking for new opportunities with Fitness on the Go, finding ways to build my business, making sure I am doing the best I can for my clients and their goals.  Every week I am setting small goals to ensure overall success.

Why do you think it is important for men to ‘Lean In’?

It is important for men to Lean In because traditional ideas and gender roles are a thing of the past.  Both men and women are fulltime in the workforce.  It is important to support and encourage both sides of the coin so everyone has the success they desire.

Name one notable woman (or women) you think deserves a shout out or career recognition – and what would you like us to know about her?

My notable woman is my mom, Anna Podebry.  She has been the best role model a woman could ask for.  All of my life I remember my mom furthering her education and working mostly full-time, while also operating a small business with my dad. 

As a mom of three she managed to support all of us (and participate) in the activities we participated in, including our school’s Parent Committee, and yet also completed two university degrees; she is now a professor at a Community College.  She set the example to work hard, never give up, and do something you love, at any age.  My mom gives me the inspiration to aim high, nothing is out of reach.

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