Attendee Spotlight: Mélodie Pilon - Lean in Canada


Tell us a bit about what you do, and what do you enjoy most about it?

I am the founder and designer of MÉLODIE Ties for Her, a fashion accessory brand offering ties exclusively for women.

We have reinvented the tie, freeing it from its supporting role and wisdomly introducing it into a new playful statement of feminity. From businesswoman to fashionista, ingenue to engineer, no matter your style or taste, there’s a MÉLODIE Ties for Her to complement both the rebellious and feminine side.

We also take pride in supporting women in leadership roles and gender equality. We believe the tie is the perfect fashion statement to represent this movement (fashion being the most viral industry).

I enjoy meeting new people, helping others, marketing my own products, designing upcoming collections and most of all, having my own business.


What attracted you to Lean In Canada/our last event? 

MÉLODIE Ties for Her shares the same values as Lean In: embracing women empowerment. In addition, Lean In is a great organization for women to regroup and share their experiences and ideas to further reinforce gender equality.


If you were to recommend Lean In Canada to anyone, what would you say?

Lean In is an international and powerful women’s organization promoting gender equality at all levels (religion, work, etc.). It is a great place to meet other women and be inspired and supported to pursue our professional dreams.


How are you leaning in?

I left my comfortable senior marketing position and leaned in to pursuing my long time dream of launching my business and hopefully inspire other women.

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