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Your health and wellness matters – it’s not mumbo jumbo, it’s a real thing!

Stop. Breathe in, breath out. The phrase “Health is Wealth” has always been a fan favorite. If you stop for a moment to peel back the layers and dig a little deeper, there is an abundance of insight and value in just those three precious words.

There’s a reason that a bright light is being shined down on health and wellness right now. It’s obvious that due to COVID-19 (now a word in the dictionary), the world is in disarray and people are stressed the heck out. It is a stressful time and it is O.K. to admit it and say it out loud; go ahead say it out loud, it’s cathartic.

Several organizations have made the wise decision to take seriously the wellness of their current employees. Even though the overall future economic forecasts don’t paint a pretty picture, companies are still wisely choosing to invest money and time into various health and wellness solutions (people, process, technology), in order to keep their workforce on an even keel. Not only that, the health and wellness industry itself is booming right now. It’s one of the few industries that is standing the proverbial stress test that has come with this tidal wave and it’s because humans are not made of solid rock. We are affected deeply by stress both physically and mentally and there are a multitude of studies out there that prove this. Science knows what it’s talking about.

Meet Catherine Farquharson, a lovely soul who offers mindset coaching services that are targeted towards women who are creative thinkers and entrepreneurs who are committed to living a life and building a career that they love. Catherine’s demographic of clients’ range across the board. A strong uniting factor is that they are all at a point where they want to elevate to the next level by learning how to better themselves through formal coaching.

I had a chance to chat with Catherine about health and wellness. We immediately hit it off over the shared experience of flipping our lives on its head to move to the country into the great unknown to breathe in nature after living the city girl life. Catherine initially started her own photography company where she had to learn from scratch about what it took to be a successful self-made entrepreneur in an industry that was a mystery to her (at the time). She found along the journey that her friends and experiences helped her to see that she also had a natural knack for helping people; another secret talent. That, combined with her knowledge from starting her own company and additional training/coaching, have led to the here and now. 

Here are some key takeaways from the conversation for you to consider in the immediate future when looking for some inner sanctum and/or wanting to take a leap into the next step of your life’s journey:

  • Make day to day commitments to yourself and consider them non-negotiables. It’s all about personal discipline buoyed by your purpose and direction i.e., journal writing, goal visualization, mediation, breathing techniques, mantras, reading, etc.;
  • If you find that you are feeling held back by limiting beliefs or you have hit a ceiling and feel stuck, choose to take the leap into deepening your learning and joining various programs or coaching services to get another perspective of your own situation. Having an inspired sense of direction and possibility will have you overriding those negative thought patterns in no time;
  • During COVID 19 (if you aren’t sick or dealing with someone who is sick) if you have a level of fear/anxiety around this situation that seems paralyzing, it will be through shifting your mindset that you can identify new possibilities. Try to conquer that fear by shifting your perception, looking for opportunities, finding the good in everything, practicing gratitude, and identifying ways to innovate so that you look back on this time as a marker of positive change in your life. One step at a time; and
  • Don’t try to do everything alone. Get curious and get out there to find those virtual communities where people are dealing with the same issues as you are and looking to grow from it. Engage, ask questions, and be open. You got this!

If you are feeling unsure of how to achieve the above, Catherine can help you with that and then some. 

She currently offers her coaching through a superb six-month group virtual program called “Thinking Into Results”, which stands on the premise that your outside world is a reflection of your inside world; the mindset. Catherine coaches the group two times a week in a community environment (something we all crave right now). Each participant also independently keeps the momentum going by engaging in their daily mindset tasks as they learn to change their thought patterns and beliefs over the course of the training process.

“There is a joke amongst me and my clients that you often need a telescope at the end of the six months to look back to the beginning of the process. This is due to the immense positive change that happens along the way. It’s amazing, people often don’t recognize themselves.” – Catherine Farquharson 

Several women start off with the intent of wanting to equip themselves with the tools to get to the next step in their career ladder and many surpass their initial goals by a long-shot. 

Community plays a big part in the eventual victories achieved, which is why Lean In Canada promotes the idea of joining or starting your own Lean In Circle

Take advantage of this time to reflect on where you want to go in life (upwards of course ladies) and remember that “the greatest weapon against stress is our ability to change one thought over another.” – William James


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