Community Circle Profile: Alvina Yeung - Lean in Canada

Alvina is supporting the Vancouver chapter of Lean In Canada. Alvina graduated from Simon Fraser University and is a sales and marketing enthusiast currently working in real estate.

She is a creative thinker who is always eager to learn new things and explore new possibilities. Alvina believes that women’s abilities should be valued. She is inspired to empower and support women who strive for success in their work and personal life.


Name: Alvina Yeung

Job: Sales Coordinator at Concord Pacific Developments


Why did you decide to volunteer for Lean In?

I decided to volunteer for Lean In because I can relate to the community. I grew up in a traditional Chinese family that has a different perspective and different expectations of men and women. I understand the challenges women face relating to their family, career or personal growth. Often times, we hope to meet someone to share experiences, get support and inspirations for our goals. Joining Lean In provides me with the opportunity to connect with people and learn from others.


What have you learned from the experience so far?

I learned that women are capable and can definitely achieve success in life. It is important for us to embrace ambition to succeed.


What do you hope to achieve with Lean In Vancouver?

I hope that through organizing Lean In events in Vancouver, we can build a strong and influential community here. I hope this will eventually spread the word out ‘there’.


What are 3 words people would use to describe you?

Positive, cheerful, and responsible.


What is your secret to happiness?

Follow your heart and intuition.


Your childhood dream was to…?

My childhood dream was to travel around the world. Who doesn’t like to travel? Traveling around the world is still on my “to-do list”. I would love to explore different countries and cities in the world.

That being said, Japan is my favourite travel destination so far. Apart from all the great food and shopping, Japan has a very fascinating and interesting culture. They take inspiration from different countries and you can see that creativity in their work. Everything you’ll come across in Japan is eye opening.


What is your next personal milestone?

My next milestone is to be able to find the right direction in my career path and learn a lesson from every step that I take.

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