Community Circle Profile: Rebecca Tye - Lean in Canada

Meet the members of our team! This week, we had the chance to sit down with Rebecca Tye from our sponsorships team, and get to know what, and who, motivates her.

Lean In Canada: What do you do – and what do you enjoy most about it?

Rebecca Tye: I am the Head of UPS Partnerships with The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). Through this role, I manage our largest global partner, the United Postal Service (UPS). My work focuses primarily on the development and improvement of Board Level/Executive management within 5 Member Organizations based in Panama, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates.
I love working in complex environments within an international context.

LIC: Why did you get involved?

RT: I read the book and was hooked! I had so many ‘light bulb’ moments and I wanted to be part of this movement for women. In addition, I work outside of Canada the majority of the time, which means my professional network is also based externally. Through this experience, I am looking to build relationships, expand my Toronto-based network and collaborate with some inspiring professional women!

LIC: What issues facing women in Canada are most important to you?

RT: Exploring the barriers (and opportunities) that face women in attaining executive-level positions, supporting women through career transitions or changes, and finding ways for women to balance work and family (It can’t be as impossible as it feels!)

LIC: What’s your favourite book?

RT: A little secret about me – I just finished grad school (which means hours and hours and hours of reading) and through that experience I lost my love for pleasure reading and haven’t read a good book in a while. So, I’m hoping to rekindle that this summer and am open to recommendations!

LIC: What websites or blogs do you make sure to visit daily?

RT: LinkedIn and the New York Times.

LIC: Name a woman you know professionally who you find inspiring, and why she inspires you.

RT: My friend, Deanne Buckle, inspires me professionally. We are in separate professions and our work has never overlapped; however, I have followed/watched her for the past few years climb her way through hurdle after hurdle to achieve her professional goals. She has sacrificed, fought with determination, negotiated and worked hard to get what she wanted and deserved. She is in a very male dominated profession and has never allowed intimidation or inequality to affect/stop her. Last year she was the only person (and woman) in Canada fully sponsored by BMO to attend Ivey’s Executive MBA.

LIC: What’s the most empowering thing you’ve done in your career?

RT: I took on a role once that was a significant jump in responsibility from what I was doing at the time. In the moment, it was terrifying – I remember how doubtful I was in my own abilities and really had to push myself to believe that I deserved this opportunity and was qualified. It was a true mind over matter moment. The role ended up being a huge success. Not only did it help me understand where my professional and personal strengths are, but I gained a tremendous amount of confidence, and it allowed me to really believe in the value of taking risks – especially when I was betting on myself!

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