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What would you do if you weren’t afraid? For many of us there are a multitude of responses to this question. Think about it—fear holds us back from so many things. A lot of the times, these fears are self-imposed limitations.

According to Suzanne F. Stevens, we cannot live a fulfilled life without confronting our fears. This is the only way to achieve your fullest potential and uncover an enhanced version of yourself. Suzanne, who spoke at a recent Lean In Canada event, has travelled to over 60 countries on a quest to fulfil her life’s purpose. A few years ago she sold most of her possessions and travelled with her husband to Africa where she interviewed empowered, female leaders.

She took a huge leap of faith, to leave everything behind, step out of her comfort zone and do something unexpected. Suzanne shared stories of her amazing conversations these women who taught her about leadership, courage and confidence. In their own unique way, they were making an impact on their communities by working towards their purpose, staying true to their values and overcoming their fears.

Suzanne shared their stories with us to encourage us to confront our fears and find our purpose. Here are some steps you can take to discover your edgeness™:

1. Identify the root cause of what’s holding you back
2. Stop thinking about the past or future—live in the present
3. Enjoy the journey by letting go of judgement and expectations
4. Discover your gifts by focusing on your strengths
5. Align your values with your purpose
6. Help others and give back but don’t give a hand out, instead give a hand up
7. Once a month do something that pushes your comfort zone whether that is in your personal life or professional life
8. Embrace the traits that make you unique and express your authentic self
9. Celebrate every victory no matter how small or insignificant you think they are
10. Keep going and be consistent with your commitments

Lastly, Suzanne reminded us that each of us are all going through our own personal struggles—be kind and compassionate.

About the author: Mishka Alarcon is a B2B marketing professional and blogger. She enjoys writing about entrepreneurship, business, travel and fitness.

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