Event Roundup: Find Your Career Wingwomen   - Lean in Canada

Thank you to everyone who attended our July Networking Event on The Spoke Club patio. It was another sold out event, and for good reason!

The energy on the patio was contagious, the conversation was stimulating and the connections were meaningful. We truly believe that having a strong network to support you is instrumental in building your career, and the networking event encouraged like-minded women to gather for fun, facilitated networking opportunities.


For one of our facilitated networking activities we played bingo, networking edition. Each bingo square had a question and members were encouraged to mingle and meet one another in hopes of finding others who could successfully answer these questions and help fill in their bingo card. Thank you to Pantene and Eggspectation for providing the prizes for this activity.


After bingo, members were divided into groups. Each group was assigned a chapter from Lean In and given a list of discussion questions. After thirty minutes, one spokesperson from each group shared with the crowd what their group had discussed. This activity provided a supportive environment where members could openly share ideas and perspectives, and ultimately, learn from one another’s experiences.

We hope everyone had the opportunity to meet new friends, like-minded peers, and mentor/ mentees, and we cannot wait to see you at the next event in September. Sign up for the Lean In Canada newsletter to receive the latest scoop on all our events!

Until then, remember, “women accomplish amazing things when we support each other.” #leanintogether


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