Event Roundup: Building Win-Win Relationships With Management - Lean in Canada

Even though it was a typical rainy evening in Vancouver, over 65 people showed up to the Vancouver Chapter’s October Event on Building Win-Win Relationships with Management at Creekside Community Recreation centre. Led by funny and engaging Tara Jean Stevens of Breakfast TV, the conversation centred around how to influence up, build trust, communicate effectively and manage expectations. Considering half the crowd were managers and half the crowd started a new job in the last six months, the timing was absolutely perfect to engage in a conversation about building win-win relationships with management.

As a huge believer in playfulness and positivity when managing up, Tara Jean Stevens started the evening by sharing a story about how she was empowered to do her job because she trusted her boss to create a safe space for her to work in. She was not afraid to go to him to ask for the reinforcement that she needed. Tara highly recommended the book, “The Art of War”. Although traditionally a story about war strategy, she paralleled the contents and lessons from the book with solutions to manage relationships in the work place. She recommended everyone to understand what your manager’s manager expects of him or her, and learn how to support him or her to achieve those goals. Tara emphasized that the two key tips to successfully manage up is to ensure that your goals and your boss’ goals are clear to the other person and to identify how you can work together to accomplish both sets of goals.

Our November event will be unique and different compared to all the events we have had so far – we will be hosting a Q&A with male and female leaders and address commonalities and differences in responses from both sides. Mark your calendars for November 20th – Men & Women Lean In – this is not an event you will want to miss!

For those interested in volunteering with the Vancouver Chapter of Lean In Canada, please contact us at info@leanincanada.com or connect with any of our committee members.

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