Event Roundup: Make This Your Year - Lean in Canada

“This is MY year!” was fervently declared by every attendee following a prompt from speaker Karlyn Percil.


The energy at the Spoke Club was powerful. The whole room was bursting with positive energy for our first event of the year – Make This Your Year: What Can You Do Better in 2017?

Speakers took to the stage with TEDx style talks to discuss what you can do differently in 2017 to #makethisYOURyear.

Anne Marie MacDougall explained the importance of developing a global mindset and acting locally to be successful in leadership positions. Marguerite Orane debunked the myth that you can’t have it all and invited us to create a personalized definition of what “having it all” truly means. Karlyn Percil called us out for making goals that feel too comfortable and asked that we instead make goals that are bold and fearless. Cindy Stradling wrapped up by focusing on taking action and tracking goals with tangible metrics.

The talks were followed by a question and answer panel in which speakers got to share more tips and tricks related to goal setting and personal growth. Throughout the night, each speaker shared their stories and expertise and inspired a room full of ambitious women to reach even higher than before.

Thank you to our national sponsors Secret, Crowe Soberman, 108 Idea Space and The Spoke Club. Thanks to Colette Grand Cafe for providing gifts for our speakers. We also want to thank Fitness On The Go! for providing a raffle prize and the gentle reminder to live a healthier life.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who attended. We hope this event has left you with the motivation and tools you need to #makethisYOURyear.

Event photos will soon be up on our Facebook page soon, so please feel free to tag yourself. We’d like to thank Farah Ghazal of Farah Ghazal Photography for the wonderful photos.

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