CALGARY: Panel Perspectives - Webinar Series - Lean in Canada

The Lean In Network Calgary is thrilled to announce the launch of its webinar, Panel Perspectives, with Kathryn Oviatt, Chief of the Commission and Tribunals at the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

Panel Perspectives is an interactive discussion with industry experts to highlight barriers to equality, while offering key takeaways on how organizations can educate and implement learning opportunities to help combat inequality.  Our Moderators, Rick Aujla and Reena Khullar, will drive the conversation on the themes of Career Progression, Work/Life Balance, Microaggressions, Unconscious Bias, and Male Allyship, and its impact on empowering women to own and celebrate their leadership success. In turn, panelists will share their perspectives and offer a detailed dive into the opportunities, obstacles and outcomes faced through their own personal and professional journeys.

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