CALGARY: The Confidence Series: Financial Confidence - Lean in Canada

Cultivate confidence through financial empowerment

Join Lean In | Calgary for the final part of our virtual confidence building series. Expanding on part one Knowing Your Worth and part two Embracing your Leadership Style, part three will be about how you can hone your spending and saving skills to build financial confidence, no matter the size of your wallet. 

For most of us, financial literacy is the key to unlocking doors – to the c-suite, your first home, or to a comfortable path forward. Vanessa Stockbrugger, founder of Womencents, will lead us through a transformational session on cultivating confidence through financial empowerment. 

From this session you will:

  • Learn key takeaways for building financial confidence – and why it’s about more than just having money in the bank
  • Create a personal approach to spending and saving 
  • Understand your “personal money equation” to building wealth and financial security


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