Gender Bias in the Workplace - Lean in Canada

What should women know about gender bias? How do we handle sexism when it arises, and how can we create a more inclusive workplace for everyone to succeed?

Our October event will feature an interactive discussion with Noelle Richardson, a pioneering leader in diversity and a consultant in organizational change strategies to maximize human potential. In 2008, Noelle was hired as the Chief Diversity Officer of the Ontario Public Service (OPS), the first such position in any public sector organization in Canada. She has led the creation and implementation of a diversity and inclusion strategy for both the OPS and the broader public sector agencies of the Ministry of the Attorney General. As a result of her seminal work on creating an inclusive public service, the OPS has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers since 2008.

Sharing our own diverse experiences with gender bias and how we can tackle and solve issues and challenges, our conversations, ideas and learnings using a World Cafe approach will be illustrated by Alison Garwood-Jones. Join us for a great evening of sharing insights and perspectives!

Missed the event? Read our summary here and see photos here.

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