Make This Your Year: What Can You Do Better in 2017? - Lean in Canada

January. That month when the new year commences and everyone begins making lists of all the things they are going to do better in the future. The focus turns to life goals, self-improvement and considering what it will take to live the life one truly wants to lead. Unfortunately, many resolutions are abandoned or forgotten mere weeks after they are set, but #LeanInCanada is here to help.  

On January 31, right around the time that motivation tends to flag, we’ll be hosting a panel of women that are certifiable experts in the realms of goal setting and living that authentic life. Come armed with questions and an open mind to see what you can do differently to achieve your goals in 2017.

Joining us for the evening will be:

Cindy Stradling Training Agent, Founder of Athena Training and Consulting Inc.

Ann Marie MacDougall Founder and President at LeaderBoom Inc.,

Marguerite Orane Founder of Free and Laughing Inc

Karlyn Percil Leadership Coach

We’ll kick off the event with each speaker taking the floor in TEDx Talk style to speak about what they think is most important in achieving your goals. A panel discussion will follow, moderated by Cindy Stradling, in order to delve deeper into the matters of personal growth and leadership. To conclude, we will have a Q&A session. Questions can either be submitted through Eventbrite when you purchase your ticket or added to the pot when you arrive at the event.

Space is limited, so get your ticket early to avoid disappointment! 

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