Living Life Out Loud: Knowing My Message - Lean in Canada

Happy New Year! We have an amazing speaker lined up for our 2014 kick-off: Nancy Trites Botkin. As a founding co-partner of two companies: First Star International (film, TV and media) and Think8, (consulting) she is a working woman in every sense of the word. But what she loves more than anything is empowering women. Her purpose in life is to help women be authentic.

Why does Nancy focus her work with women?
– Because as women we are different than men: we have different needs and different challenges.
– Because juggling life and work for women is always more difficult: we’re so good at multi-tasking that we often end up taking care of everything and everyone only to lose sight of our own purposes and ourselves.
– Because our self-esteem issues are different: we are very good at pushing down our feelings of inadequacies, and smiling, determined to work harder.

Nancy’s talk will be: Living Life Out Loud: Knowing My Message

We all send a message, conscious or unconscious. Maybe it’s time we took a look at what our message is to make sure it is the message that clearly states to the world who we are. Find your own message – and proclaim it!

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