Make Your Partner A True Partner - Lean in Canada

“The single most important career decision that a woman makes is whether she will have a life partner and who that partner is.” ~Sheryl Sandberg

Is it possible for women and men to live and/or work together in True Partnership?

In our December #MenLeanIn event, Mark Shekter expressed that real partnership isn’t 50%/50%, but 100%/100%, where both people are able to bring their whole selves and full potential to the table. Now, Mark returns to Lean In Canada with his own partner, Nancy Trites Botkin, to deliver five practical steps for partnering successfully in Business and Life.

Nancy and Mark work and live together – and have for 15 years, sharing five combined off-spring, and co-founding two companies: First Star International (a film, TV and media company), and THINK8 (a consulting firm operating worldwide).

After being asked repeatedly how they successfully live and work together 24/7 (and are still crazy about each other) they have decided to co-author a book on True Partnership exploring life in partnership – from a woman’s perspective and from a man’s perspective.

Join us on Feb 24th as this couple share their fundamental secrets for harmonious partnership for the first time in a public forum. Life partners, business partners, and all others are welcome!

Missed the event? See photos here.

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