Men Lean In - Lean in Canada

Our holiday party and special panel: Men join the conversation on “Lean In” and gender equality

How do we achieve gender equality without the input of 50% of the population? Simple answer: we don’t. Whether we “make our partner a real partner” a la Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In”, or call men to action with the #HeforShe movement, we need men to lean into our common goal of gender equality. A specially selected panel of men in various industries and life situations joins us to share what “Leaning In” means to them, come to an understanding of each others’ perspectives, and learn how we can enlist more men to actively work with us towards true equality in life and in the workplace.

Mark Shekter – Founder, Think8 Systems Inc.
Scott Schieman – Canada Research Chair & Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto
Subhas Sen – Chief Operating Officer, BMO Asset Management Inc.
Jesse Jones – President, TEN81 Lifestyle Inc.
Casey Palmer – Blogger,

Missed the event? See photos here.

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