OTTAWA: Women at Work Circle - Session 2 - Lean in Canada

Session 2: How to get the recognition you deserve at work

Have you ever felt like the women in your workplace have to go to great lengths to prove themselves—while people just assume that men are smart and capable? It’s time to shatter the unfair perception that women are less suited to leadership. During this meeting, we provide actionable advice on how you can combat performance bias, get credit for your contributions, and cultivate relationships that will propel your career to new heights.

Women at Work Collection – Support, learn and grow.

The Women at Work Lean In Circle invites women professionals aged 21-45 to connect, share, listen, and support each other.

This Circle is a space for like-minded women to cultivate new leadership skills and learn research-backed strategies to advance their careers—all while providing peer mentorship and support.


Are you feeling stuck in your current job? Are you back at work from maternity leave? Are you dealing with burnout? Do you want to develop the skills to be an empathetic and motivating leader?

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities women face in the workplace, and this Circle aims to develop a safe, simple, nonjudgmental space for women to connect, learn from each other, grow, and transform together.

Based on decades of extensive academic research and insights from the global community, Lean-In provides tools that address the topics most important to women at work. It’s a program designed specifically for women, by women.


The group will meet every month at a designated time and location. Each meeting will focus on driving leadership and mentorship and on topics most important to women at work right now.

Each participant has the responsibility to acknowledge that :

  • When anyone shares, we all listen and don’t judge.
  • When we all listen, we do so patiently and respectfully.
  • When anyone asks for support, we all provide balanced perspectives and value everyone’s input.
  • We all care, and we do without any bias-racial or emotional.
  • We respect everyone’s privacy.
  • We are open to friendships beyond the group, and these relationships should not impact the group decorum.

Please note that the event will be organized at a local cafe or restaurant. It would be great if you could buy a meal and support the local business, but this is just a request and is not mandatory.

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