Take Charge of Your Career: Data-driven Insights and Strategies to Get Ahead - Lean in Canada

Are you looking to advance to the next stage of your career? Figuring out what that path looks like? We know that reflecting on our career advancement journey and securing mentors and sponsors can play important roles. Pay is also probably one of the first things that come to mind when considering advancement, workplace negotiations and gender equality. It’s all about the money… except when it isn’t. While salary is important, ambitious leaders negotiate many aspects of their careers – including salary, but also bids for more satisfying and challenging roles.

Join Vandana Juneja, Senior Director, Catalyst for a conversation on successfully negotiating your role today. We will consider tips on both negotiating your own way to a more challenging and satisfying role, as well as empowering your employees to negotiate their roles, maximizing access to what Catalyst refers to as “hot jobs” – large, highly-visible projects, mission-critical roles, and international assignments that provide critical on-the-job development opportunities and create career advancement. Invest in yourself and your direct reports, and come away with insights on mentoring, sponsorship, making your achievements visible, confidently taking charge of your career and negotiating towards success!

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