TORONTO: Discover Your Path To Success, A BIPOC conversation with Rotman Alumni - Lean in Canada

We’ve all heard the saying “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” A career can have many twists and turns, uphills and downhills, and even roundabouts!

Our panelists will not only share their career journey so far, but also the transitions they made. Discover how our panelists prepared for and then handled the many aspects that come with change. Come prepared with questions for our panelists, whether you were afraid to ask or didn’t know who to ask. By the end, you will walk away well equipped with advice and insights to navigate your career’s ebbs and flows.

Moderated by Joanne Modugno

Our panelists include:

Chinedum Nwaogwugwu

Elsa Abi-Khalil

and more to follow…

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