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Studies show that as a whole, despite increased confidence and power in their careers, women feel less confident and knowledgeable about their finances than men. This is a problem! Here’s why:

– Women are controlling an ever-increasing larger proportion of our country’s wealth

– Women live longer, earn less (overall) and take more breaks from the workforce.

– By 2026, Canadian women will control close to half of all accumulated financial wealth in the country, a result of greater participation in the work force, participation at higher levels in terms of professional responsibilities, an increase in female entrepreneurship, and being the beneficiaries of a disproportionate share of inheritances.

Lower confidence in this area of our lives can make us feel shame regarding our perceived lack of knowledge and/or organization in this area and, and feel embarrassed that we don’t know what we “should know.” Indeed, personal finance topics can seem downright boring and dry, making it easier to just turn a blind eye to this area of our lives and hope that things will work out okay. And why not? If worse comes to worse, we can just “deal with it” later.


Jennifer Hollett – Head of News at Twitter Canada
Jackie Porter – Financial Planner, Carte Wealth Management
Shannon Lee Simmons – Author of Worry Free Money
Jennifer Reynolds – President and CEO at Toronto Financial Services Alliance
Laura Reinholz – Director BMO for Women


Join us May 28th to help shift this perception.


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