TORONTO: Networking Summer Social | Lean in Canada

Join us for our annual Networking Summer Social!

It’s no secret that having a strong network to support you is instrumental in building your career. Join us for a fun evening of networking to build new connections and strengthen existing ones. You’ll meet new friends, like-minded peers, mentors, and/or mentees within the Lean In Toronto network – in short, the women who will lean in with you.

And if you’re not sure where to start, expert networker, Darine BenAmara, Founder and CEO of The Smart Woman, will be leading an interactive “Network Your Way To Success” workshop portion of the evening. During this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how and why strategic networking can benefit our career advancement. You’ll come away with practical tips and strategies that will help you build, use, and maintain a powerful network. Make a first good impression. Own your story. Network smarter, not harder.

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