TORONTO: Women and Entrepreneurship: How to Lead and Succeed - Lean in Canada

Over the last 5 years, the growth of female lead businesses is unprecedented. There seem to be more opportunities than ever before for women in their own companies and startups. Whether starting and leading a company of your own or being an entrepreneur with your organization, the path of entrepreneurship is both exciting and challenging. Learn the strategies and tactics of what it takes to be successful in starting, growing and navigating the world of entrepreneurship from five passionate and diverse women across various sectors including technology, beauty, law, fashion and media.



Karen Johnson – Weather Anchor & Reporter, CBC



Tanya Walker – Founder, Walker Law

Jenn Harper – Founder, Cheekbone Beauty

Christine Carlton – Founder & CEO, The September

Nicki Laborie – Owner, Bar Rayna & Founder, View the Vibe




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