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And… we’re back! After a short summer break in August, Lean In Canada’s Vancouver Chapter is back with another thought provoking, engaging event that is sure to ignite positive and creative conversation.

How will strengthening your personal brand help YOU?

Having a clear, strong personal brand tells others what your strengths are, where you can add the most value, and how they can help you realize your potential; this means you have a better chance of being placed on a career path and in a position that best suits YOU.

We are honoured to have University of British Columbia Professor and Lecturer, Ann Stone, MBA (@ann_m_stone), from the Sauder School of Business’ Marketing and Behavioural Science Division lead an interactive workshop on personal branding. She came to teaching after leadership roles at VP or above at The Coca-Cola Company, Church’s Chicken, International Dairy Queen and Papa Murphy’s Pizza.

Expect to walk out of this 2-hour session with a clear vision and tangible action plan to build a stronger brand for yourself.

Join us for tasty appies and a glass of wine and reengage with the growing Lean In community after the long summer break. Remember to use the hashtags below to spread the Lean In love!

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First off, I’m honored to be working with you. The process of finding your personal brand and communicating it well to others with intent is a passion of mine. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with you and learning from the great ideas in the room in return

Secondly, I’m a university instructor, which means I think about ideas now in a way that is “how can I teach this effectively to others”.

And thirdly, while I’m in a university now I still am, and have been all of my adult life, a “real life working person in a real life business situation.” I’ve worked in companies as big as the Fortune 500 and as small as my own one person consulting practice. Thinking about “Ann’s Brand” and evaluating others’ has been a part of my management and leadership life for a long time now.


6:00 – Doors Open

6:15 – 8:00 – Interactive Personal Branding Workshop

8:00 – 8:30 – Mingling / Networking

8:30 – Event Wrap – until next month!

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