VANCOUVER: Enough About the Why, Let's Talk About the How – Part 1 - Lean in Canada

Lean In Canada’s Vancouver Chapter welcomes Sherry McMillan, Fariba Pacheleh, and Tina Merry for the first part of the two-part series entitled, “Enough About the Why, Let’s Talk About the How”. We’ve discussed why Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiatives should be at the forefront of each decision that organizations make but we rarely discuss what these initiatives should be or how they should be implemented. To answer the age-old question of the ‘how’, the three panelists will share the triumphs and pitfalls they encountered while rallying for DEI within their industries. From ERGs to forming committees, and from applying relevant frameworks to finally making the DEI initiatives sustainable, they will shed light on it all.

Join us on August 12th if you too would like to find out how you can implement DEI strategies within your organizations and industries.


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