VANCOUVER: Enough About the Why, Let's Talk About the How – Part 2 - Lean in Canada

Lean In Vancouver welcomes Aftab Erfan, Kathy Gibson, and Rachel Irvine-Halliday for the conclusion of the two-part series entitled, “Enough About the Why, Let’s Talk About the How”.  In the last edition we discussed psychological safety, DEI hiring practices, how to recognize our own biases, and the inclusive acronym ‘IDEA’, which refers to Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility. In the second part, we would be taking these conversations further and exploring DEI implementation in diverse industries. The panelists will share their years of experience in this space to bring to the forefront issues surrounding data collection, sustainable DEI strategies, diverse talent retention, and more.

Join us on September 16th if you too would like to find out how you can implement sustainable DEI strategies within your organizations and industries!


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