VANCOUVER: Intuition: How to Follow Your Curiosity - Lean in Canada

Lean In Canada’s Vancouver Chapter welcomes Tasleem Jessani to lead the discussion on Intuition. We all have intuition.  Whether you call that your gut instinct or “spidey senses”, or something else, intuition is a powerful ability every person has to help them follow a deep inner knowingness or wisdom. Now more than ever, the world is interested in intuition, and this session will give you some great takeaways to start strengthening your intuitive capabilities!

In this workshop, discover:

  • What is intuition
  • What is your intuitive voice, and how to differentiate it from your “mind voice”
  • How you can start using your intuition to feel more flow and ease in your work and life, including
    • Easier decision making
    • Release from a life of stress and “to dos”
    • Developing a trusting relationship with your intuition

So, if you’ve been wondering how you can tap into your intuition and make 2021 your year, join us on January 14th!



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