VANCOUVER: Saying Yes Over Coffee: Brewing Adventures - Lean in Canada

Hey there, adventurous souls! Are you ready to spice up your life and dive headfirst into new experiences? Then grab your favorite mug and join us for an electrifying evening at “Saying Yes Over Coffee”! ☕️✨

Get ready to shake off those hesitations and embrace the power of “yes” with us! During this fun-filled event, we’ll kick things off with a group viewing of the TED talk “My Year of Saying Yes to Everything” by the one and only Shonda Rhimes. 🎥🍿 Then, we’ll stir up some lively discussions over steaming cups of coffee. ☕️🗣

But wait, there’s more! We’ll be delving into the art of saying yes to new adventures and exploring how it can transform our lives in unexpected ways. From daring escapades to everyday challenges, we’ll uncover the magic that happens when we open ourselves up to new possibilities. 🌈✨

This isn’t your average coffee date—this is an adventure waiting to happen! Whether you’re a seasoned thrill-seeker or just looking to add a little spice to your routine, this event is for you. So grab your ticket now and get ready to brew up some excitement with us! 🎟️🚀

Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out on your chance to join the fun. Let’s say yes to new adventures and make memories that will last a lifetime! 🎉💫

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