VANCOUVER: Self-Advocacy in a Hybrid/Remote Work Environment - Lean in Canada

Lean In Canada’s Vancouver Network welcomes Syntyche Smith for a virtual event entitled, “Self-Advocacy in a Hybrid/Remote Work Environment”.

Your ability to advocate for yourself is a skill that can make or break your career trajectory, and it’s even more crucial with less in-person and face to face interactions, thanks to remote and hybrid work.

In this interactive session, Syntyche will speak from her own experience, and take you on a journey to feeling more confident about advocating for yourself in today’s remote and hybrid working environments.

You’ll get to learn:

  • The biggest blocks holding people back from getting that raise, more support, and anything else you want in your working life.
  • Tips and tools to build your self-confidence
  •  Practical steps to start advocating for your wants and needs right away

Join us on May 25th if you too would like to find out how you can be your own best advocate to achieve your goal and full potential!

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