VANCOUVER: Women and Entrepreneurship: How to Start, Build and Grow a Winning Business - Lean in Canada

Have you been wanting to scratch an entrepreneurial itch and don’t know how to get started? Join us for our Women in Entrepreneurship speaker panel event to have all your burning business questions answered.

Some of the topics we will cover:

– How do you get started?
– How do you get started without money?
– How do you raise money?
– How do you hire great people / build a team?
– How do you grow the business?
– What are the unique challenges women entrepreneurs face? How do you overcome them?

You will walk out the door equipped with the knowledge and confidence you need to be your own boss. With expertise from consumer goods to services, our diverse panel can help you navigate entry into different industries.

Florence Leung – Vancouver Chapter President of Lean In

Claire Booth – Founder and CEO of Lux Insights
Jess Devenport – Co-Founder of Paintillio

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