VANCOUVER: Women and Men Lean In – Gender Diversity at Every Level - Lean in Canada

Lean In Canada’s Vancouver Chapter welcomes four panelists from diverse industries to discuss the progress we are seeing (or not) for women in the workplace. The discussion will center in on new findings from the Women in The Workplace study, and share insights on what leaders are doing to work towards gender diversity and representation at every level.



Tanis Jorge – Co-Founder, Board Member at

Paul Tournier –TPD, President and Co-Owner

Susana Goncalves – MLA Canada – EVP Sales and Marketing, Partner

Dave Neale – PwC, Assurance Partner




The panel discussion will cover key topics such as:

  • Bright spots, such as 44 percent of companies have three or more women in their C-suite, up from 29 percent of companies in 2015.
  • Unseen problems, like a “broken rung” at the step up to manager, which is the biggest obstacle that women face on the path to leadership.
  • Leaders having different perspectives. 21% of men say the biggest challenge is ‘there are too few qualified women in the pipeline’, while 40% of women say, ‘women are judged by different standards’


If you are interested in hearing what our industry leaders have to say about these topics and more, make sure to join us on Thursday, November 21st!

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