VANCOUVER: Women in the Workplace: Diversity & Inclusion - Lean in Canada

Are you frustrated to learn that in many industries, there are more men named John in leadership positions than there are women?

Join us to learn about McKinsey & Company’s research on diversity & inclusion and how some companies are approaching the challenges facing women in the workplace. Using this research as a jumping-off point, we will explore more broadly the importance of diversity in a time of increasing complexity and disruption. The evening will be highly interactive, inviting you to reflect and share your experience and what you can do, both within your organization and as an individual, to embrace greater diversity and multi-perspectivity as a source of competitive advantage.


Johanne is a Partner and Master Expert in leadership. She recently authored Quarterly articles on Inner Agility and artificial intelligence, the book Centered Leadership: leading with clarity, purpose and impact and a TEDx on integrating movement & stillness in disruptive times. She works across cultures and sectors with a focus on senior executive and team coaching, leadership development and culture change to help clients and individuals transform their leadership and – through that – their performance. Johanne mixes 25 years of business consulting with extensive studies in developmental and leadership theories. She holds an MBA from Harvard and a degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill. At home, Johanne draws her inspiration from nature adventures in the Canadian Rockies where she lives with her husband and their 2 daughters.


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