VANCOUVER: Women & Money: How to Ask for What You Deserve - Lean in Canada

Lean In Canada’s Vancouver Chapter welcomes Kelli Thompson to lead the discussion on money and how to ask for what you deserve.

Ready for a girls’ night and money talk? Why not? About 52% of women say they talk about money with friends, compared to 61% of men, according to banking research.

However, many women are told money is a taboo subject to talk about, and this is a problem.

Research shows that women make about 82% of what a man makes (less for women of color), and this isn’t the only money statistic that women should care about. Women are also less likely to negotiate raises and apply for higher-paying roles, even though they are fully qualified. The gender pay gap not only impacts women’s salaries, but also her retirement investments and lifestyle.

Why does this matter? The more women get comfortable talking about money – both their personal finances and talking money with employers, the better chance there is to reduce gender money gaps.

Join Kelli Thompson for this free webinar to learn three valuable money conversations every woman should have: Her salary, her savings and her unpaid workload. Plus, you’ll learn strategies and scripts to ask for:

  • What you want: A career you love with a paycheck aligned with your purpose.
  • What you need: Raises, promotions, and a better seat at the table.
  • What you deserve: More freedom, energy and less unpaid workload.

Come join us for an evening of discussion on money followed by an opportunity to network with likeminded people!


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