Webinar: How To Start and Lead Your Own Lean In Circle - Lean in Canada

Interested in leading your own Lean In Circle, but not sure how to get started?

Join Co-founder and President of Lean In Canada, Sarah Kwan, for a complimentary webinar session and learn everything you need to know about leading your own Lean In Circle. Also joining the conversation will be Amaryllis Jones, who started her own Lean In Canada Circle while working at P&G. Amaryllis will share her personal experiences and helpful tips for starting and leading your own circle. 

Whether you’re in the early stages of starting your own circle or even if you’re further along, there is something for everyone. Learn the basics of starting your own circle and how to progressively grow your circle, deal with issues that arise and learn how to continually keep your members engaged and committed to coming back. 

Have questions? Great! This online event will be interactive, so have your questions handy and learn from others with similar experiences. 


6:30pm-6:45 Introductions

6:45pm-7:15pm Co-founder and President, Sarah Kwan 

7:15pm-7:30pm Q/A with Sarah Kwan and Amaryllis Jones

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