The Facts on Women in the Workplace (and How We Can Move Forward Together) - Lean in Canada

“We must open the doors and we must see to it they remain open, so that others can pass through. Sisterhood is powerful.” ~Rosemary Brown

March is Women’s History Month! We’re celebrating with two very special speakers, as we look not only at how far we’ve come but how far we still have to go towards equality:

Vandana Juneja is a Senior Regional Director at global equity research and strategy thinktank Catalyst Inc. Using fact-based, scientific methods to examine today’s work environments, Catalyst has become a trusted resource for knowledge on gender, leadership, and inclusive talent management in business.

Emanuela Heyninck is Ontario’s Pay Equity Commissioner, and heads up the Gender Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee for Ontario. With a recent report stating it will take over 100 years for us to reach pay equity at our current rate, we look forward to learning what strategies and actions we can take to close the gender wage gap. We certainly don’t intend to wait that long!

We also want to hear from you! Bring your unique perspective and questions on how we can build better, more inclusive and equitable workplaces together. Due to popular request, we’ve also extended our start time to 6pm so you can enjoy more networking when you arrive!

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