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What does it mean to be on a board? How can you set yourself up for a future of board directorship, regardless of where you are in your career today?

Women are under-represented (or not represented at all) in the top levels of many companies. According to a 2013 Catalyst census:

– Only 15.9% of board seats in corporate Canada are held by women
– 40% of companies have no women board directors

We’re gathering a few women who serve as board directors to discuss why women should aim for board roles, and how we can set ourselves up to join boards and influence companies at the highest level. Bring your expertise, ambition and verve to the boardroom table!

Deborah Rosati – Corporate Director & Co-Founder of Women Get On Board
Fariba Anderson – Chief Executive Officer at AcuteNet
Lally Rementilla – CPA, CMA, Vice President Finance at Nulogy Corporation and founder of Coco Capital and The Gal’s Got Game

Missed the event? Read our summary here and see photos here.

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